Introduction to Architecture – Interactive Media Section

week 3 – Basics – Photo Essay

Photo Essay Due Sep. 1

Basic Tools


Canvas tools


Background knowledge (optional)


Assignment (Due Aug 30)

  • go to a group discussion “Interactive Digital Group Forum” reply to “INTRODUCTION.” (it can be 1-2 paragraphs or a simple “Hello”)
  • use this forum for posting your questions.

Assignment – Photo Essay Due Sep. 1

  • Following the instruction to the assignment in Canvas – choose your images and write your essay.

    adjustment for interactive submission

  • do not make a pdf file; submit it as a “text entry
  • split your text in appropriate parts.
  • Add your images in proper positions (do not add all the images at the end or beginning; but use them according to the text) – make a good composition by changing the image size …


     addition to Photo Essay (optional)

  • go to google map; locate the Larimer Square; make a screenshot; resize the file to smaller than 1 megabyte
  • repeat the same process for the Writers Square
  • crop both files the same size
  • upload each file separately to thinglink and place your images on it
  • embed both links to Canvas submission